REFCO Leak Detectors


Electronic Leak Detector for all Halogenated Refrigerants

>Extremely compact design concept similar to a cell phone
>Ergonomical design focused on performance and simplicity of operation
>Microprocessor controlled unit and state of the art microelectronics
>Detects all halogenated refrigerants incl. R410A
>Certified to SAE J1627 standard
>Simple one-button operation
>Two sensitivity levels using a double-click computer mouse action
>One touch reset-mode
> High performance true mechanical pump to provide positive airflow through the sensing tip
> Leak indication using both variable frequency audible and visual alarm
>Automatic shut-off after extended period of non-use to preserve battery life
>Battery life indicator
>Prevents incorrect readings by providing visual and audible warning followed by an automating shut-off when battery
reaches a critical level
>State of the art sensor technology for higher reliability and longer life time
>Includes a practical belt clip holster that also protects the unit in your tool box
>Specially designed 12" flexible probe for easy reach
>Additional replacement sensor included inside the battery compartment
>Packed up in a sturdy plastic case


REFCO Service Products ES-02,Replacement sensors /2 pieces,4507577
As low as : $81.74
REFCO Service Products ES-C,Replacement sensor,4660672
As low as : $122.54
REFCO Service Products LOCATOR-FILTER/5,Spare filter for REF- and TRACE-LOCATOR (5 pieces),4686821
As low as : $10.82
REFCO Service Products LOCATOR-LED-UV/6,Spare LED UV (set of 6 pieces) ,4687034
As low as : $59.77
REFCO Service Products LOCATOR-LED-WHITE/6,Spare LED white (set of 6 pieces),4686828
As low as : $45.90
REFCO Service Products REF-LOCATOR-CASE,Carrying case for REF-LOCATOR,4686707
As low as : $25.97
REFCO Service Products REF-LOCATOR-TV-01,Test vial for REF-LOCATOR,4686705
As low as : $15.39
REFCO Service Products STARTEK,Refrigerant leak detector,4507917
As low as : $295.99
REFCO Service Products STARTEK-C,Leak detector for combustible gas,4660664
As low as : $313.28
REFCO Service Products STARTEK-C-CASE,Case for STARTEK-C,4665593
As low as : $17.89
REFCO Service Products TRACE-LOCATOR-CASE,Carrying case for TRACE-LOCATOR,4686708
As low as : $25.97
REFCO Service Products TRACE-LOCATOR-TV-01,Test vial for TRACE-LOCATOR,4686703
As low as : $15.39
Swivel arm 1/4"SAE SWIVEL-ARM-1/4"SAE-N ,Refco, 4687631
As low as : $18.69