Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

The rule of thumb when measuring your grille is: "Always measure the hole, NOT the grille".

Here are a few illustrations that can guide you through the process of measuring your grille.

Measuring Guide for Ceiling Grilles [Click Here...]

Measuring Guide for A/C Air Return Grilles [Click Here...]

Measuring Guide for Sidewall Grilles [Click Here]

Our checkout process is simple and easy.  Also it is not actually finalized, buy this I mean even after you are done, nothing has been taken from your Credit Card.  Every credit card is actually reviewed by our staff, before "authorizing" and "capturing" your funds.  If we see anything that does not seem correct, we call you for verification.  Also if the additon of freight process is not correct we will often "fix it" (only lower never higher) and send you a modified Invoice.

1> Select all your products when you are ready, click the red bar "checkout"

2> If your billing address is the ship to address then check UPS Ground and click the red "next"

3> If you want it shipped elsewhere, click the "ship to another address" box and fill it in.  Old ship to's have been saved for your convience.

4> Now you check "credit card" and enter your credit card information.  We do not keep credit card information on file so you do have to enter it each time.  Sorry.  We do offer a Check to Bank Draft option.  If you desire you may write a check out and fax it to us.  We will then electronically turn it in to a bank draft with the help of Quicken (Intuit) Services.  Lastly  we offer a Quote or Estimate system, this is useful with large orders requiring freight, like fire dampers, duct systems, or commercail grills.  Often we will have to get a freight quote directly form the manufacturer.  Just mark the appropriate box and we will correct the billing and send you a correct invoice with all updated costs for your approval.

5> If you are using a gift card enter the code in the "Gift Card" Box.

6> If all went well you will see the preliminary invoice, if you qualify for any of our promo codes or discounts enter the code in the "promo code" box.  If you have any "special information" for us enter it in it's box.

7> If all is good then click the red "purchase box" and you are good to go.

8> You will receive an email telling you that you are in processing, and then an email giving you your tracking information and a copy of the invoice when we have shipped.  At any time you can log in to the site and under the "my accounts" tab click the "view my order status" tab and you can check on all your orders, invoices and their status.

If you have any questions you and use the 'ticket" function under the "my accounts" tab and send us an "in-house" message.



About WebREPS, LLC
Established in 2007,WebREPS has grown into internet based HVAC-R Wholesale Supply offering a full line of HVAC-R quality products, product information, product documentation and affordable pricing.  After 20 years participating in conventional HVAC-R Wholesale Supply and 10 years in HVAC-R Contracting here in Florida, we are well aware of the changing needs of the HVAC-R Industry. The cutting back of inventory, lack of trained personnel, and increased availability of multiple product lines make it inevitable that the traditional HVAC Wholesaler come up short on some products. We do not intend to replace your neighborhood supply house, but offer you a source for your “special” hard to get items that the neighborhood guys don’t seem to know much about.
Our mature site is for HVAC-R Related Industries, offers 24/7, information, literature, installation manuals and technical guides in an easy to use straight forward format. One of the we offer is the ability for mechanics or purchasing agents to order products from a single source for all your HVAC-R needs from belts and filters to replacement equipment by Carrier, Goodman, and other manufacturers.
We are constantly expanding our online product selection so look for new products. 
Thank You for visiting our website, please contact us if we can be of assistance to you.
Denny Walker                                                                                                                                                                                                   
President, WebREPS

1. Hot Rush and 5 Day Rush: We here at WebREPS do not do any local shipping. All our products come directly from the manufacturers. When a Hot Rush or 5 Day Rush is requested, this is a service the manufacturer provides for you. If WebREPS has charged you extra for this service and the time promised is not met, we will refund the appropriate "extra charge". We, nor the manufacturer, guarantee these services. WebREPS nor the manufacturer are liable or responsible for any consequences of not having met the proposed timing. Manufacturing only commits to what they think they can accomplish. Any number of factors can come in to play for not meeting deadlines including absenteeism and machinery malfunctions.

2.  In the case of the need to cancel a “Rush” order, after 6 hours of placing the order we may not be able to fully cancel your order.  We can sometimes give you a partial refund depending on the products ordered.  Usually custom made products like grilles, fire dampers, louvers and such that are made from raw materials cannot be fully cancelled.  If the raw material has been altered there will only be a partial, usually less than ½, of a refund available to you.  Off the shelf items have a better partial refund status. 

3.  In the case that you have to cancel a standard order 72 hours after placing the order, the possibilities of a sizable refund diminish substantially for all of the custom-made products like: fire dampers, grilles, louvers, smoke detectors, mechanical dampers and any custom sized products.  As manufacturing time/labor and raw material usage has already been utilized, the available refunds are decided by the manufacturer.  We at WebREPS forgo our commission and any added freight to give you the best partial refund that we can.  If the product is already in transit, return freight doubles the freight portion of your cost therefore reducing your refund.


This is another of the questions we had to address when we formulated our business plan.  As a wholesaler we are only passing along the manufacturers warranty. We have negotiated special terms with most of our manufacturers and our standard policy is:

1-  You request a return authorization from us or the manufacturer.  You return the product with the "RMA" or "RGA" and they will send you the replacement no charge.  

2-  If you are in a "pinch and can not wait for the process" buy another product we’ll pay the freight, you send it back to the manufacturer prepaid and we’ll credit your card back, as the manufacturer credits us. 

3-  If you want to return a new and un-used product because of a job cancellation or the like.  We will assist you on getting a "RGM/RMA".  You will be responsible for freight both ways.  The product must be in the original packaging, new, unused and 100% resellable, this does not apply to custom for the job manufactured products.  Each manufacturer has different policies but a "restocking fee" is not uncommon.

4-  On any custom made for the job products: such as fire dampers, louvers, grills, registers or filters, (typically we provide submittal data for your approval on these type products), there is a no return, no refund, non-disputable policy.  Each prodcut is custom made to your specifications by the manufacturer.  All of these type products are warrantied against manufacturing defects by each manufacturer but not application, or use.

Keeping your personal information secure and ensuring your understanding of how we use that information is important to us at WebREPS. Our goal is to help you understand how the personal information you choose to share with us through the WebREPS web site is collected, used and maintained. You may review this WebREPS Online Policy Statement at any time by clicking on the Policy tab appearing on the top of one or more pages of the web site.

Guests and Registered Users
You can visit this site to read about our company, its products and services, or other features, all without giving us any personal information about yourself. We may collect anonymous, aggregate information about how our site is accessed by you, such as IP address, referring site, domain name, time spent at the site or web pages visited.

Categories of Information Collected
Registration Information: Some of the features on the site require registration before you can use them. If you register to use the site, you choose to provide us with certain personal information such as your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number. You can update registration information online. You may change your password at any time.

Service and Transaction Information: When you use a password or a similar identifier to access the site, we will recognize your identifier and may collect various categories of information about you such as information you give us, data related to your use of the site and its services and information about your transactions, interactions, and communications with us.

Use of Collected Information
We do not sell or market your personal information or personalized data to other organizations. The personal information you provide and the personalized data you create and save on the site is used to provide better service to you and to inform you of products, services, or other opportunities that may be available. This may include disclosure of such information to employees, representatives, officers, agents, affiliates, government and regulatory entities, third parties, and service providers. Such information and data will also be used to administer our business, the site, and our services in a manner consistent with this privacy statement. If you provide us with your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address, or have done so in the past, WebREPS may contact you by telephone, mail or e-mail.

Aggregate Information
If you anonymously visit or browse the site without registering or logging on with a username, password or other registration code, we do not collect your personal information unless you disclose it to us (e.g., e-mail address). We may collect aggregate, technical information that tracks site use including browser type, IP address, domain name, number or type of pages visited and time spent on the site. We may use such information in a variety of ways including analyzing trends, visitor interests, or to improve the site.

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WebREPS maintains your personal information and data according to strict standards of security and confidentiality. Online access to your information is only possible through a secure (SSL capable) web browser. SSL capable web browsers support encryption technology, which helps prevent unauthorized users from viewing your account information as it travels over the Internet.

WebREPS may change this privacy statement at any time. Any changes or updates will be effective immediately upon posting to this site.

For further direction regarding inquiries concerning our policies, you may contact us by correspondence or by telephone as described on the web page on the website.

 This is something we turned over and over in our business plan. We came up with pay as you go. If you have special circumstances we can except checks on line, or work with your accounts payable.  We have set up special prices and access with our manufacturers, we pay them when the product leaves their distribution centers.  Consequently we have no float that is usually associated with moving products through distribution. 

Most orders over $100 US SHIP FREE within the Lower 48, which are the 48 states connected to each other (contiquous). Certain specialty orders/products may generate additional charges as folows: 

  • Orders totalling less than $100 generally ship for a flat rate of $14.99 on the lower 48. (Contiguous)  
  • Certain specialty products may incur additional handling fees. Products that incur additional charges will generally state clearly that additional charges apply on the product details page.  
  • If your order includes more than one item that may involve shipping on pallets, we will add the freight price to the non-qualifying products and give you a total delivered cost.  Occasionally customers have their own "freight" accounts.  
  • If you would like to use your own freight account please let us know before hand and we will provide you a dock price for large quantities for your pick-up.If you are in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Alaska we often can provide you freight at a rate calculated by the delivery location.  Sometimes we can only ship to a US Based freight forwarder, if this comes up we will do everything we can to assist you in the process.



MAPP sometimes refered to as MAP, stands for MINIMUM ADVERTISED PRICE POLICY. This is a common feature of internet type advertising and sales.   Basically it is a program to control internet advertised prices so somebody does not artificially lower the value of a manufacturer’s product. You have the ability to buy wholesale and sell retail, how would you like it if everybody in the world could see your cost? How would you mark anything up? You are familiar with MSRP,  (MANUFACTURERS SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE) MAPP,  is a policy to protect you and the manufacturer. Here is an excerpt from Velocity Plus’ MAP Policy,  one of our vendors:

The Policy is being implemented to help insure the long-term viability of the Velocity Plus brand and to protect the investment of the Resellers that provide valuable sales and product assistance and support to their customers.


EspiTech shall from time to time unilaterally establish a minimum advertised price for the Products (“MAP”). The Resellers are free to advertise, promote or sell Products at any price they choose in their sole and absolute discretion. Pursuant to the Policy, the Resellers may not advertise or otherwise promote the Products using the Internet at a net discount less than MAP and may not sell the Products to any other person or entity which advertises or otherwise promotes the Products using the Internet at a net price less than MAP. EspiTech will cancel all orders and refuse to accept any new orders from any Reseller for the Products immediately following verification by EspiTech to its reasonable satisfaction that the Reseller has advertised or otherwise promoted a Product or the Products using the Internet at a net price less than MAP or the Reseller has sold a Product or the Products to a person or entity which advertised or otherwise promoted a Product or the Products using the Internet at a net price less then MAP.

In a nut shell, my own words, no legal mumbo jumbo.  Most products you see on the site have three prices, the MSRP, which is to give you an idea what the manufacturer thinks his product should sell for.  Your cost, freight is added during the checkout process, and MAP.  Map means to you - if you use the internet to promote products from the manufacturers, you must not advertise that product less than the MAP, plain and simple.  Most products on the WebREPS site have the MAP Price available for your reference.  You can go above that price (higher) your choice, just not lower.  (Remember $200.00 does not mean $199.99). 
WebREPS, LLC as a wholesaler fully agrees with the concept and co-operates fully with all manufacturers in regard to MAP. Consequently any customer of WebREPS, LLC who knowing breaks the MAP Policy Program will be restricted from buying from WebREPS,LLC. 
Den Walker
President, WebREPS, LLC

WebREPS Wholesale is a divison of WebREPS, LLC --  Toll Free: 800-810-3280 x 101  Fax: 888-971-2999  Email:
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