ECU Residential Dual Coil


The ECU Dual Desuperheater is connected to a water heater and and two air conditioners or heat pumps.  A small pump circulates “cold” water from the water heater tank through the heat exchanger within the ECU where it interacts with the hot refrigerant gas from the compressor on either or both units via a heat exchanger. The resulting heated domestic water is then pumped back to the water heater. Reclaiming waste heat from high compressor discharge temperatures is a proven principle of energy recycling that produces abundant hot water safely and economically.  This unit is designed specifically for when two AC/Heat Pump units are located near each other and feed a single water heater.

ECU, HRO6 Res. Heat Recovery Unit R-410A + R-22 Dual Gas circuit - Single Water Circuit w/Freezestat
As low as : $717.78